Fan Art of the Fat Burger's minions


The chapter where you first find the Fat Burger and you achieve the AK-47 that the Fat Burger uses when he kills 21 zombies

Bio: Edit

The presence of a survivor in Mavec Manor is first revealed with ominous phrases heard quietly near the first propeller trap encountered by Dave. These phrases sound Biblical, and Dave finally sees the face of Fat Burger well after he has battled through several groups of zombies. Above a flaming mound of zombie corpses, Burger greets Dave, telling him that he is free to use his traps, but to be careful not to fall into them himself. He later shoots a Fast Zombie that was about to attack Peter from behind, and advises him to be vigilant in Mavec Manor. Later, he also throws Dave an AK-47.

Skills Edit

He is basically a Biblical speaking guy who can shoot

Fat Burger Shot by Gamma

This is a picture from the booklet that comes with the disc from the part where Fat Burger is dying from a gamma attack and is fading but still compares himself to Half Life's Father Grigory.

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